New Ranks!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Oct 19, 17

Hi all,

Today I added some new ranks! Epic and Pro. They each come with new kits and more sethomes than before. If you want more info, refer to the help page at:

- Isaiah

Hey all,

I filmed and uploaded a new and more updated version of the server tutorial / review! The old one was deprecated to say the least. Check it out at the link below.

Video Link

The server is reset and open for you guys to come check it out!


[Owner] Isaiah a posted Aug 28, 17

Hey folks,

The server is in the process of being RESET! Within the next couple of days, you can expect BIG changes. The world will resemble the pictures that we posted earlier last week. 

During this time the server will remain whitelisted. Meaning that nobody can join it. Don't worry if you're not able to join but delight in the fact that we will have a new and amazing server in a couple of days.

The staff team have been working incredibly hard over the past little while. They are to thank for this.

- Isaiah

Map reset?

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Aug 18, 17

Hey guys,

Along with some others, I have been thinking of new ways to improve the server and make it fun for everyone to play on. I came across a way we could possibly do this. Attached are some images of what we could make the world look like, honestly it looks amazing! I would love to have this kind of stuff in our world.

However, this would require the world to be reset. 

Attached are some images and also a poll that you can vote on.

Vote on the poll

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