Extra items update!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Mar 20, 18

You may have noticed, we've added more items again!

This time:
- Extra Gear (more SlimeFun items such as armor and swords)
- Barrels (store 1000s of items in one unit)
- Hotbar Pets (have a pet in your hotbar that gives you extra abilities!)


thecat200 can u do it on the actual server?

In honor of everyone's spring break this month, there is a 40% off sale starting NOW!

Enjoy 40% off all items in the store

Facebook Page

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Mar 1, 18

Check out the official SurvivalCraft Facebook page here! Be sure to "LIKE" and "COMMENT" on cool stuff!

Facebook page


[Owner] Isaiah a posted Feb 27, 18

Hey all,

Check out this cinematic of our server! Share it with your friends and show them what we have to offer! :)

Tedleadhead2005 nice video. could someone plz post the ip address?


Exciting news, when you kill mobs now you have a chance to get their head and they drop money! Each time you kill a mob, it drops a bag of gold, you can sell that bag of gold at /Warp Mobhunt for money!

Additionally, when you mine ores there's a chance the ore will drop one of the SlimeFun dusts (i.e. tin/iron/copper dust etc.)

Have fun!

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