Woot! SurvivalCraft has turned 1! 

Enjoy this milestone with a 60% off sale on EVERY ITEM (for one week). We will also be holding drop parties during the week so be sure to be online so you don't miss them!

Happy Playing,


Hey all,

The server is about to turn 1! It's been an awesome year, looking forward to many to come. 

NOTE: There will be a sale when the date comes to celebrate along with some events on the server! Stay tuned for more.



New Ranks!

[Owner] Isaiah a posted Oct 19, 17

Hi all,

Today I added some new ranks! Epic and Pro. They each come with new kits and more sethomes than before. If you want more info, refer to the help page at:

- Isaiah

Hey all,

I filmed and uploaded a new and more updated version of the server tutorial / review! The old one was deprecated to say the least. Check it out at the link below.

Video Link

The server is reset and open for you guys to come check it out!

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